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Love in the times of social media

Being brought up in the generation of gadgets, it is a real task for moms to keep our children grounded to emotions. Specially when they wake up and see their moms hooked on to their mobiles and before they sleep they see their dad hooked on to their laptops! Not even children even sometimes our relationships take a back seat due to these gadgets and knowing all the cons we are still not ready to give up this "Prison".
I am not talking of screetime or no screentime here! But being in a generation where everything else is already too hectic and time taking, why we still are not ready to compromise our gadgets to give some quality time to our family! Frankly speaking every now and then i fight with my husbandman over this. His job is 90% on phone calls only and from his rest 10% , sometimes i have to literally beg for his attention.  Days goes by when he doesnt even hears what i am saying, sitting next to him! So, this valentines day, when i got the opportunity to share my take on l…