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Fun female previliges i would like to pass on to men

Who would not love their better half to live the privileged life we are living. Without even wasting a single minute on anything i would love to jump on to the privileges i would love to pass on to the man in my life (Because he is the one I love the most and want to gift him all my previliges 😜) 🌟 Get rakhi tied on their wrist by their sister and feel safe in the shadow of their sisters! (Bonus: Get your fav things as gift too) 🌟 Staying at home for working shift of only 24 hours for mere 7 days a week! 🌟Let their study/carier be oriented by the places that are secure to stay alone and not by the quality of universities! 🌟Let them have the privilege to get waxed just to be presentable!( Omg! I can't control my laughter on the thought of their reactions πŸ˜‚) 🌟Let them have the previlige to leave their parents, go stay in some random home and overnight believe it to be their own family (The family in which everyone makes you believe they are your own and at the sane time when…