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Power of mom

. They say it takes a village to raise a child. But somehow everyone's not so  to havr a village n have to raise the child all on their own.  Fighting with the postnatal depression, breastfeeding pains, sleepless nights n fatigue n almoat dropping to a point where i thought i lost it all.. my courage, my confidence, my carrier n almost everything.. suddenly one fine day brought the brightest ray of hope. The day wen i understood my baby's not my weakness but my strength. Wen i looked back n realised what n how i ve managed everything so well being alone amid the needless suggestions n taunts of hopelessly sitting ppl around me i realised that i lost nothing but gained more power Physically n mentally i ve became more strong.. thats the day i decided to pay my baby fr everything he did to make me strong. He made me Mom. N nthing in this universe beats that..  Dedicated to him.. i m just going to start on my own business very soon Info in my next blog 😊 Catch u up soon with my…

The day Mr.H was born

The day you came into our lives,it was the biggest prayer got heard.
I had given up believing on miracles wen suddenly one fine mornibg gove gave me my lil Santa (It was Christmas 2015 morning wen i came to know a lil miracle is about to happen 😁)
Yes 15. August 2016.. my life changed beyond that point.
There were and there are still many ups and downs in my life in my relations in my surroundings and almost everything. But with you everything has been a bit easier 😁 and worth it.
You and your smile has always assured me  i'm never alone in any journey of my life.
Whenever i ve fallen ir smiling face has reassured me to get up and do it all over again just gor your smile.
Mommy loves you alot more than she thought the love her heart could ever hold