Fun female previliges i would like to pass on to men

Who would not love their better half to live the privileged life we are living. Without even wasting a single minute on anything i would love to jump on to the privileges i would love to pass on to the man in my life (Because he is the one I love the most and want to gift him all my previliges 😜) 🌟 Get rakhi tied on their wrist by their sister and feel safe in the shadow of their sisters! (Bonus: Get your fav things as gift too) 🌟 Staying at home for working shift of only 24 hours for mere 7 days a week! 🌟Let their study/carier be oriented by the places that are secure to stay alone and not by the quality of universities! 🌟Let them have the privilege to get waxed just to be presentable!( Omg! I can't control my laughter on the thought of their reactions 😂) 🌟Let them have the previlige to leave their parents, go stay in some random home and overnight believe it to be their own family (The family in which everyone makes you believe they are your own and at the sane time when…

Love in the times of social media

Being brought up in the generation of gadgets, it is a real task for moms to keep our children grounded to emotions. Specially when they wake up and see their moms hooked on to their mobiles and before they sleep they see their dad hooked on to their laptops! Not even children even sometimes our relationships take a back seat due to these gadgets and knowing all the cons we are still not ready to give up this "Prison".
I am not talking of screetime or no screentime here! But being in a generation where everything else is already too hectic and time taking, why we still are not ready to compromise our gadgets to give some quality time to our family! Frankly speaking every now and then i fight with my husbandman over this. His job is 90% on phone calls only and from his rest 10% , sometimes i have to literally beg for his attention.  Days goes by when he doesnt even hears what i am saying, sitting next to him! So, this valentines day, when i got the opportunity to share my take on l…

My cup of tea

This blog is a part of the Chai-a-thon blog train organized by 'The Momsteins'
I would like to thank Charu from "" for introducing me.
I would also recommend you to check out my fellow blogger, and friend KRiti Gupta's blog and also Mamatha's blog and read about her wonderful ' tea memory '.

For me, a cup of tea is a solution to my all problems.
There was a time, when i wasn't a tea lover. Butas it says opp do attract I got married to the biggest tea lover!
He used to have a cup of strong tea just before bed everyday( wierd though). One day he got his tea made and slept. I thought of not wasting it and so had it. I remain awake that whole night.
Slowly days passed and i started becoming a die hard tea lover
And finally the stage has came when i can't spend a day without tea. Not because i love tea, but because of the memories we have create…

Formula feeding doesn't makes you less of a mom!

Being a breastfeeding mom, it has been always been an emotional challenge for me to accept the fact that I'll have to transition my little one completely from breastfeed to solids and than to formula feed!
Breastfeeding has been more an emotional journey and the foremost way to bond with my son!
I never thought i will have to transition so early!
As my little one turned one, i started losing weight. I don't exactly know the reason but it was partially because i didn't had family help at my hand and had to handle everything single handedly: My husband's needs, house needs, my baby's needs and than breastfeeding and i merely got time to take care of my own meals!( well you can say i was being careless on my own health and i had to pay for it later)

It became almost physically impossible for me to fulfil all these needs and than there came a stage when i almost collapsed !
So finally was suggested by everybody that since daily chores and daily needs can't be negl…

Cloth diapers《---》Happy Bums

Everyone of us wants the best for our baby!
But when it comes to diapering, there has always been a dillema in my mind about disposables or cloth diapers as to what's better for my child (Like every mom i also want to give him the best of everything)
But every good brand for cloth diapering offering cloth diapers at such a high cost, it had became most difficult task for me to convinve everyone in house for CD specially when i can't explain the main difference b/w disposables and CD (Cost issue)

And then i came across a brand @fig-o-honey
The most cost effective brand for CD with a wide range of cute and cuddly prints whoch we can choose acc to our child's interests.
Frankly at first i was hesitant about putting my child into CD for his nap tym as he is a light sleeper. But thanx to @fig-o-honey my all the doubts were cleared in single use only!!

Following are few comparisons b/w disposables and cloth diapers:

1. A disposable roughly costs Rs.10 each and a baby uses 4 dia…

How moms evolve!!

Its xactly 19 days to the my lil ones first bday.

So y not spend these days with a #throwback to the memories of this best year of my life
15. 08. 2016. (The day u came into our lives) just 10 days before your due date (well his due date was janamashtmi last yr. 25.8.2016)
Well i was lucky one to have a normal delivery!(well having a c section also doesnt makes u less of a mother mommies!!)

I cant forget my first days with u as I wasnt guided properly about Breasfeeding (BF)and postpartum difficulties by anyone n as a result for thw first day i kept on thinking my baby is BF whereas he wasnt getting adequate milk cz of no vuidance n no massages and absolutely no supervision!!

Wen after 1 day he didnt peed thats wen my family was alarmed n took him to dr. And she informed that baby didnt had milk 😥
At that moment i thought i ve failed as a mom!!
Initially he preffered top feed n absolutely refused BF which led to my postpartum depression!!
At the same tym i was staying at my in laws …

Power of mom

. They say it takes a village to raise a child. But somehow everyone's not so  to havr a village n have to raise the child all on their own.  Fighting with the postnatal depression, breastfeeding pains, sleepless nights n fatigue n almoat dropping to a point where i thought i lost it all.. my courage, my confidence, my carrier n almost everything.. suddenly one fine day brought the brightest ray of hope. The day wen i understood my baby's not my weakness but my strength. Wen i looked back n realised what n how i ve managed everything so well being alone amid the needless suggestions n taunts of hopelessly sitting ppl around me i realised that i lost nothing but gained more power Physically n mentally i ve became more strong.. thats the day i decided to pay my baby fr everything he did to make me strong. He made me Mom. N nthing in this universe beats that..  Dedicated to him.. i m just going to start on my own business very soon Info in my next blog 😊 Catch u up soon with my…