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Formula feeding doesn't makes you less of a mom!

Being a breastfeeding mom, it has been always been an emotional challenge for me to accept the fact that I'll have to transition my little one completely from breastfeed to solids and than to formula feed!
Breastfeeding has been more an emotional journey and the foremost way to bond with my son!
I never thought i will have to transition so early!
As my little one turned one, i started losing weight. I don't exactly know the reason but it was partially because i didn't had family help at my hand and had to handle everything single handedly: My husband's needs, house needs, my baby's needs and than breastfeeding and i merely got time to take care of my own meals!( well you can say i was being careless on my own health and i had to pay for it later)

It became almost physically impossible for me to fulfil all these needs and than there came a stage when i almost collapsed !
So finally was suggested by everybody that since daily chores and daily needs can't be negl…