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Cloth diapers《---》Happy Bums

Everyone of us wants the best for our baby!
But when it comes to diapering, there has always been a dillema in my mind about disposables or cloth diapers as to what's better for my child (Like every mom i also want to give him the best of everything)
But every good brand for cloth diapering offering cloth diapers at such a high cost, it had became most difficult task for me to convinve everyone in house for CD specially when i can't explain the main difference b/w disposables and CD (Cost issue)

And then i came across a brand @fig-o-honey
The most cost effective brand for CD with a wide range of cute and cuddly prints whoch we can choose acc to our child's interests.
Frankly at first i was hesitant about putting my child into CD for his nap tym as he is a light sleeper. But thanx to @fig-o-honey my all the doubts were cleared in single use only!!

Following are few comparisons b/w disposables and cloth diapers:

1. A disposable roughly costs Rs.10 each and a baby uses 4 dia…