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Everyone of us wants the best for our baby!
But when it comes to diapering, there has always been a dillema in my mind about disposables or cloth diapers as to what's better for my child (Like every mom i also want to give him the best of everything)
But every good brand for cloth diapering offering cloth diapers at such a high cost, it had became most difficult task for me to convinve everyone in house for CD specially when i can't explain the main difference b/w disposables and CD (Cost issue)

And then i came across a brand @fig-o-honey
The most cost effective brand for CD with a wide range of cute and cuddly prints whoch we can choose acc to our child's interests.
Frankly at first i was hesitant about putting my child into CD for his nap tym as he is a light sleeper. But thanx to @fig-o-honey my all the doubts were cleared in single use only!!

Following are few comparisons b/w disposables and cloth diapers:

1. A disposable roughly costs Rs.10 each and a baby uses 4 diapers approx every day and that makes 14600/- approx every years
Whereas a single Fig-o-honey pocket diaper costs approx 500/- (including insert) and that can be used from newborn to toddler size

2. CD are environment friendly unlike disposables

3. Unlike disposables CD would never cause any rashes or fungal infections on your baby's delicate skin

4. It's harder to potty train a child in disposables as he/she doesn't feels the wetness and can't communicate about that and they think it okay to pee without informing.

5. No chemicals are used inside or outside the layers of CD unlike disposables.

P.s. Every mom is perfect in herself and every parenting style perfect in its own!!
This blog is entirely my point of view and my shadow of mommying!
No offends please 😊


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