How moms evolve!!

Its xactly 19 days to the my lil ones first bday.

So y not spend these days with a #throwback to the memories of this best year of my life
15. 08. 2016. (The day u came into our lives) just 10 days before your due date (well his due date was janamashtmi last yr. 25.8.2016)
Well i was lucky one to have a normal delivery!(well having a c section also doesnt makes u less of a mother mommies!!)

I cant forget my first days with u as I wasnt guided properly about Breasfeeding (BF)and postpartum difficulties by anyone n as a result for thw first day i kept on thinking my baby is BF whereas he wasnt getting adequate milk cz of no vuidance n no massages and absolutely no supervision!!

Wen after 1 day he didnt peed thats wen my family was alarmed n took him to dr. And she informed that baby didnt had milk πŸ˜₯
At that moment i thought i ve failed as a mom!!
Initially he preffered top feed n absolutely refused BF which led to my postpartum depression!!
At the same tym i was staying at my in laws place (away frm my hubby too😣)

In short! I handled everything on my own n evolved out stronger for my lil one

Thats how moms are supposed to be!
More love n power to you new  mums and all the mommies!!


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