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For me, a cup of tea is a solution to my all problems.
There was a time, when i wasn't a tea lover. Butas it says opp do attract I got married to the biggest tea lover!
He used to have a cup of strong tea just before bed everyday( wierd though). One day he got his tea made and slept. I thought of not wasting it and so had it. I remain awake that whole night.
Slowly days passed and i started becoming a die hard tea lover
And finally the stage has came when i can't spend a day without tea. Not because i love tea, but because of the memories we have created with our morning tea.
Whenever in the morning tea tray, my cup is missing, it is a symbol to my husbandman that i am upset about something. And the best thing i like about him is that till the time i don't bring my cup of tea, he himself also doesn't drinks his own cup of tea even.
I love the bonding TEA has created between us both. 😊

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